Made in USA

• Limited Lifetime Warranty (strongest in the industry)

• Removes heat during the hot summer months and removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter.

• During hot summer months your attic can reach temperatures in excess of 160°F. By using the yellowblue™ solar attic       fans with proper ventilation you can keep your attic temperature within 5° to 10°F of outside temperature all day long.

• Because heat is reduced in the attic, the cooled air running through the ventilation ducts won’t heat up before reaching   the rooms you want to cool. This not only reduces the amount of time the air conditioner is on, it prolongs the life of   the  air conditioning system by not overworking the system.

• Asphalt shingle life is extended when attics are properly ventilated because the roof decking is not allowed to overheat.

• Properly ventilated attics reduce the likelihood that moisture will rot the roof deck and framing or cause growth of mold   and mildew in construction materials.

• Attic ventilation is essential in cold climates because ice dams can form when snow melts over a homes heated spaces and that water will run down the roof, only to freeze again over the cold eaves. The water will also flow under shingles and into the attic causing serious damage. The thaw/freeze cycle can be prevented when proper attic ventilation is in place and attic temperatures are kept consistent .

• Proper attic ventilation with the yellowblue™ solar fans increases fresh air circulation and reduces moist air and household off-gas build up.

Many of our competitors are overstating the performance of their products and we want you to
be confident the products you purchase from us will do the job you expect them to do.

• Two to four times more air movement than any competitive product on the market.

• Doesn’t cost one penny to operate! It’s completely powered by the sun!

• An average consumer can expect to reduce AC usage by a few hours every day

• The 20 watt panel fans can extract from 800 to 900 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) of hot stale air out of your attic.

Our solar fans qualify for the 30% tax credit on materials and installation through the “Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Photovoltaic Systems”
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